Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Lovely beads!

There are just so many great beads available in the market these days. Such a huge variety confuses a person like me a lot :D. Over the years i've collected many types of beads, be it from stores or exhibitions, at times even ripped them off from other units that they're part of :D.
Some bracelets that i've created recently:-

Always wanted a colourful one for my super colourful tunic, used plastic and crystal beads for this one.

Used black clay beads for this. clay beads feel so cool against the skin during summers.

Made this neackpiece from some sort of stone beads (got it some yrs ago from Ajanta) and guess what, my cousin recently gave me a bracelet which goes quite well this neckpiece! :D


I made a ring today using wool and button. Didnt take much time and looks quite rustic and nice. The materials required for making it are:-

First wind the woollen thread around the ring. Secure the ending with glue. Then stick the button on the sequin.

Lastly, put glue on the ring top and place the button unit above it.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

and so on..

'Kavisto' in Greek means 'to make'. I've been interested in making jewellery, outfits, home deco stuff since my mid teens. So one of my friends suggested, "why not create a blog for these". I said ok and forgot about it. But today, while searching for something in my drawer, i found an extremely cool metallic button, which i knew i just had to use somewhere. So, i made a ring out of it :)
I already had a plain old ring, so just stuck this button on it and the end result looked like this -

..and with that i decided to start a blog :D