Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Day 6

Time to pick up pace. hehe i think kavisto 15 will take more than a month to get completed.
Mummy asked me to paint this 'once black' pot. Long ago, i had glued tiny mirrors on it, the scars still remain.

Theme inspiration: warli art. Warli tribes usually depict themselves hunting, cutting wood, etc, etc in their paintings.

Finished it in a jiffy. Presenting... the warlied pot accompanied by bamboo plant

Lets take a closer look. There was just one mirror piece remaining, so it let it be and painted around it. Here is a dude using it, while he is busy whistling

..at the lady posing and being photographed

..while two kids are playing

..and a filmi scene happening

..plz dont stop the music

..choreographed dancing eh

... oops one guy tripped while he was busy oogling at the photographed lady

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Day 5

Plain Jane, the next door girl,
No ruffles, no lace neither did she twirl,
Then came the needle and let the design unfurl,
A stitch here, a pattern there,
Presenting - the new pink girl.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Day 4

Made chinese hair stick today.
used - old paintbrush - using its stick part, some sheer fabric and fevicol.

twisted the fabric to form a rose

then applied some fevicol over the tip of the stick, placed the rose on it, twisted and wound the tail part of the rose around the stick, glued it along the way.


:D french knot using the stick (messy one though)

Friday, November 12, 2010

Day 3

"Plz dont throw me"


Lets cover it up then. using - a familiar circular fabric cut to a size slightly bigger than the base of the can, blue fabric slightly larger than the circumference of the can, thin elstic piece and some blingy things.

The best thing is you can handsew in this little project. first sew the base to the blue fabric sheet. It would look like this, ready to be decorated:-

Then in the end attach the elastic to the top portion, and pray like mad that it fits the can :P.
*mumble mumble*

yes we Can.

Till i find something better to put in it, its going to be the rest zone for my brushes.

Day - 2

Its comfy yet so meh

hence chop chop

stitched the detached portion into a belt and added these buttons

then gathered a bit of the fabric of the tee and added the belt to it

and attached some stringed beads and done!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Kavisto 15 - Day 1

Ok,so finally it starts :P

Today, made a bag out of a fabindia top, which was...hmmm. lets say, not so fab anymore. here is what i used:-

first, i cut the fabric into the desired shape

Then sewed the sides, which leads to this

also added a pocket on the inner side

and finally added the circular handles and a string that was there in my tops neckline

On an aside

A new modified addition.Needed a new pink locket, so i used these:-