Monday, February 21, 2011

Awards time!

Yaaay! Chandana , being her usual sweet self, has passed on an award to me :) Thanks a ton!

So the thing is i have to list 7 things about myself. here I go

- My hair changes its state (cury /wavy/ long waves/short waves/ semi straight) according to even minute changes in the weather. It can be quite irritating, but hey! I get different styles everytime without any effort.

- I can skate quite well

- I can't identify different models of cars (neither do i care abt it):P the 'aha' moment comes only when i read its name at the back :D

- I can make a mean chocolate cake

- I oh so want to be a published cartoonist...right now :D

- I think i am a bit materialistic :P

- I can speak 5 languages, but read only 3 :D

ok, Since it's Tanvi's birthday today (and the fact that she is quite stylish) am going to pass the award to her!

This was fun :D

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Jekyll & Hyde bag

Ha! I like this name. This bag had some sequins all over it which i promptly removed. The front of the bag:

The back is slightly different:

Hence, i decided to bring out the jekyll and hyde personality of this bag out a little more.

Using a couple of sequins and beads

The bag was bit too long, so i folded the handle at two places on each side. Then added these sequins on the front:

Next was the back. made a string of red beads and twisted it. Sewed it into place. Then added some flower shaped beads.

Mummy and me posing with the two 'personalities' :D

Painted a bangle

I found this somewhere at the back of mummy's cupboard. The base metal is silver with some (now worn) gold coating.

I painted it.

Hope the colour stays true.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Major Kundan and Meena love

There was a phase when i loved silver jewellery, then came the 'locket with black thread' phase and now i am officially drunk on meenakari and kundan. Here is what i have, over the months, managed to collect after visiting many shops and exhibitions :D

Look at the minute designs. Pure artwork!

Extreme close-ups

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Gold rush

I thought making a rubber band would be simple. IT. IS. Not. Maybe the fault lay with the golden ribbon/lace. But here is how i made it.


Struggled with the elastic a bit. Lost quite a few calories i must say. After some huff and puff, this was the result:

OK, so it was worth the effort. Still further Project Rubberbands: Indefinately postponed :P

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Fly drangon fly!

Haven't read 'The Twenties girl'yet. Heard that its good. I've read all other books by Sophie, also the ones which she has written using her real name ;)

Notice the dragonfly pendant :

And my spectacles :D The moment i saw the red colour and the dragonfly, i knew i just had to get it:

Thursday, February 3, 2011


Made it some days ago. I just love watercolours so much and birds get completed in a jiffy :D

Plan to make this again on a vase someday

Made another version of the bangle that i had revamped yesterday

Natural pose :D

Bangles makeover

There were bangles which i was so done with, i actually over used them. Hence wanted to change them a bit.. no a lottt :D

This is a very simple 'makeover' so to say.
All you need are bangles and some woollen threads (you can use lace as well, but they might turn out to be a bit itchy)

First, tie one end of the thread to the bangle

Then turn on the radio :P coz this is going to take a while. wind the thread around the bangle. make sure its tight and closely set

When you are done, tie the end

I made a few black and white ones

Further, you can also do some bead work on them. You can innovate it as you like. I am going to use a cowrie shell to bring these three together (boho look :D). Cowrie shells are my most fav embellishment.

Strike a pose ;)

Made another one with a 'hollow on top' bangle and then hung a broken part of my necklace (chic look :D)

Now is the time for a makeover to turn this old and jaded bangle into a cool one.

Used denim fabric and some fabric glue to do that