Thursday, April 29, 2010

Jacket reconstruction

Had a very dated denim jacked.

so took off its sleeves , lined some areas with woolen threads of different colours, then took the folding from the sleeves to make a pocket. And now it looks like this

Sunday, April 18, 2010

A bag attempt

Got an awesome sewing machine yesterday! yaaay! :D Since am new to sewing using a machine, first tried my hand at a bag.
Had an old denim kurta, with some embroidery over it. so cut off the sleeves, stiched the sides. than used the sleeves to make the belt of the bag. later glued red wollen thread on the inner visible part of the bag!
hope the bag attempt is not a bad attempt :D


Oh , how i just adore this pendant - its made out of coconut shell! intricate carving over it- got it at a handicraft store. so to continue with the earthy look, i used brown clay beads around it.

Similarly, stringed red clay beads with a traditional looking pendant.

This wonderful crimson glass bead was with me since quite a long time, got it from a beads exhibition. so lined it up with two layers of bronze coloured beads and then twisted the strings!

Speaking of twisted strings, lined up three strings - two with red glass beads and one with red clay beads, twisted them, attached the hooks and viola!


Similar to the red ring that i had made earlier, used woollen thread for this ring. glued some flower shaped beads over it and wound a layer of wool around it to give a more balanced look.

This ring, on the other had, is a bit different. had a bamboo chip with me, glued it over a plain blue ring. then made a bit of a design over it with a marker :D

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Simple bracelets

Bead bracelets are so easy to make and get ready in a jiffy. all you need is a string, preferably plastic coz the elastic ones tend to wear out soon, hooks and some beads.
I made a white one with the central clay bead and plastic beads of different sizes and shapes.

you can also use more than one string to get a more chunky look. like this one:-