Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Day 6

Time to pick up pace. hehe i think kavisto 15 will take more than a month to get completed.
Mummy asked me to paint this 'once black' pot. Long ago, i had glued tiny mirrors on it, the scars still remain.

Theme inspiration: warli art. Warli tribes usually depict themselves hunting, cutting wood, etc, etc in their paintings.

Finished it in a jiffy. Presenting... the warlied pot accompanied by bamboo plant

Lets take a closer look. There was just one mirror piece remaining, so it let it be and painted around it. Here is a dude using it, while he is busy whistling

..at the lady posing and being photographed

..while two kids are playing

..and a filmi scene happening

..plz dont stop the music

..choreographed dancing eh

... oops one guy tripped while he was busy oogling at the photographed lady


  1. those pots are very inspiring.
    love the details!!

  2. Wow! These paintings are soo cute and they have a theme too..too good :) I love love the mirror piece with the guy whistling..Soo very creative :)

  3. You are some sorta genius aren't ya?!?! :)

  4. U r very creative, gayatri!

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  5. Thanks :) am already following your blog

  6. Gayatri ..i wish i could be as creative like you :)

    nice blog , first time on your blog

    hope you like mine as well :)

  7. Hey thanks Anamika :) i read your blog everyday, its very informative.

  8. This is so amazingly cute! Your posts are inspiring me! :)