Friday, December 17, 2010

On an aside

I have decided to reduce the use of 'chemicals' on my skin to the bare minimum, hence no ready made cleanser, toner moisturiser. But fear not, have tried and tested simple concoctions on my skin since last month and they have dramatically reduced my skin issues.yaaaay!

So this is going to be sort of my new year resolution, more like a resolution that i plan to keep forever*

For cleansing - milk + honey + lemon juice

For toning and moisturising - Glycerin + rose water (works like magic, even during winters it keeps my skin from drying for one whole day *gasps*)

*Conditions apply - the meaning for the word might change according to mood swings and state of laziness.

BTW i toon in this blog of mine - and mostly here


  1. Sounds like a good plan! Good Luck! :)

  2. even I use honey for cleansing..
    n jus gt rose water n glycerin..

  3. @ tanvii
    hey thanks, i need it

    same pinch :P

  4. It really works? It sounds too simple to be true, no? I suppose the best things always are :) Must try :)