Friday, June 3, 2011

This and that

Since my sewing machine isn't going to join me for a couple of months (ho humm) and since i am yet to find a good hobby supplies store, kavisto is biting the dust. But hey, why not post abt some other things, like nature :P

I clicked these about a month ago and completely forgot abt them.

Oh, we also spotted snake skin. Love how the scales look up close. Thankfully the snake wasn't around when we took the pic of it's.. err leftover.

I passed by Channapatna (its famous for wooden toys and articrafts) so bought this cute keychain from there. Can't wait to visit that place again :P

These are from Mysore, now that's one place which really admires its elephants

p.s. Thank you for your congratulatory comments :)


  1. Good to c u back :)
    Waiting for ur crafty posts..

  2. very nice site and some awesome pictures!
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  3. I have wooden tortoises similar to your key chains and i bought them enroute from bangalore to mysore.... by the way these are some really lovely pics :)

  4. You have such an eye for photography. Love your shots dear.. :)
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