Monday, January 31, 2011

Jhola : To a T

Braids! how I love them these days. Am trying to grow my hair long, just to make braids :P So it is quite evident that i incorporate a little braiding action in kavisto. I have a Tee from my super skinny days, since i don't /can't use it anymore i decided to make a jhola of it. Its turquoise in colour and has some design in white on it.

First i made a braid of some white fabric from my stash:

Then i cut the Tee into this shape:

Used white fabric for making the inner lining of the bag. After a lot of sewing joined the two opposite sides of the Tee keeping the braid end in between. Since god lies in details ;) made a pocket on the inside of the jhola with the sleeve that i had cut off:

one on the outer side with the remains of the neckline:

And finally, made a little deco on the top:

Done (weird lighting is making the bag look blue)!

Strike a pose


  1. oh wow... you have got some pretty creative ideas! Love this jhola.. and the side pocket is such a cute addition :)
    am having fun browsing through ur blog!

  2. Very creative! What an amazing design! xo style, she wrote

  3. dang! this is another good one... way to go!

  4. That's great! you make it look so easy :)

  5. wow!! This is simply amazing and superb!