Thursday, February 3, 2011

Bangles makeover

There were bangles which i was so done with, i actually over used them. Hence wanted to change them a bit.. no a lottt :D

This is a very simple 'makeover' so to say.
All you need are bangles and some woollen threads (you can use lace as well, but they might turn out to be a bit itchy)

First, tie one end of the thread to the bangle

Then turn on the radio :P coz this is going to take a while. wind the thread around the bangle. make sure its tight and closely set

When you are done, tie the end

I made a few black and white ones

Further, you can also do some bead work on them. You can innovate it as you like. I am going to use a cowrie shell to bring these three together (boho look :D). Cowrie shells are my most fav embellishment.

Strike a pose ;)

Made another one with a 'hollow on top' bangle and then hung a broken part of my necklace (chic look :D)

Now is the time for a makeover to turn this old and jaded bangle into a cool one.

Used denim fabric and some fabric glue to do that



  1. Lovely! I think i shud try this.. i have so many unused and over-used bangles with me! :)

    Do visit..
    Follow if you like!

  2. Gr8 one again! I quite like the denim one.

  3. My first visit to your blog and i must say that it is refreshingly unique and different :)
    A great way to jazz up old bangles!
    Will definitely keep coming back to check new posts.