Monday, February 21, 2011

Awards time!

Yaaay! Chandana , being her usual sweet self, has passed on an award to me :) Thanks a ton!

So the thing is i have to list 7 things about myself. here I go

- My hair changes its state (cury /wavy/ long waves/short waves/ semi straight) according to even minute changes in the weather. It can be quite irritating, but hey! I get different styles everytime without any effort.

- I can skate quite well

- I can't identify different models of cars (neither do i care abt it):P the 'aha' moment comes only when i read its name at the back :D

- I can make a mean chocolate cake

- I oh so want to be a published cartoonist...right now :D

- I think i am a bit materialistic :P

- I can speak 5 languages, but read only 3 :D

ok, Since it's Tanvi's birthday today (and the fact that she is quite stylish) am going to pass the award to her!

This was fun :D


  1. ...and it's fun to get to know more about you! Congratulations on your award!

    What languages can you speak?

  2. Congrats
    and it was good to know more about such a creative blogger like you....

  3. @Dusk
    Thanks Dusk. I speak Kannada, Gujarati, Marathi, hindi and english

    awww so sweet of you to say that :)

  4. congrats -u deserve it! and kinda want a piece of that mean chocolate cake;)

  5. Soooooooo Sorry Gayatri! I think due to jet-lag and hat-not, your comment got over sighted by me!!! THAHNK YOU .... sooooooo much for the award ... and the Birthday wishes ... I really do appreciate it!

    Now, to your post ... Congrats on the Award! :) Always fun to learn quirky details about fellow bloggers. You should definitely become a published cartoonist ... and i always envy anyone who can speak more than 2 languages!!! And you should have baked me a cake along with this award for my birthday, right? :)

    I think I had done this tag, last year but now I cannot find that post so here are the 7 things about me -

    1. I wash my hair everyday
    2. I do not like taking orders
    3. I do not like anyone else cooking in my kitchen
    4. I love shoes. Love. Love. Love.
    5. I procrastinate, A LOT!
    6. I eat only chocolate ice cream and cakes
    7. I love waking up early

    *So sorry again about the over sight!

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