Thursday, February 3, 2011


Made it some days ago. I just love watercolours so much and birds get completed in a jiffy :D

Plan to make this again on a vase someday

Made another version of the bangle that i had revamped yesterday

Natural pose :D


  1. Lovely! I've never tried watercolours... always thought they were tougher than oil.. but this looks beautiful!

  2. Thanks :) I've used oil only a couple of times, that too once on a pillar :D Oil is quite an easy medium, colours blend without much effort. The effect is also cleaner.

    All mediums have their distict charm, wat say :)

  3. yes exactly... my first watercolour looked like one big messy blob of paint :P
    oil gives a more realistic effect..

  4. Bird looks nearly real ! And that bangle is cute..what do u call those shells ?

  5. Thanks :) those are Cowrie shells

  6. wow!! ur so talented....i can only paint abstracts!! and that too i indulge rather few and far between!!
    the cowry shell bracelet is so fun!!!
    i collected lot of cowry shells from the various beaches on my andaman travel, i can trying doing this!!

  7. Cool, then you can make chunky pendant with them or even anklets :)

  8. Great artwork and love love love the bangle revamp!