Sunday, February 20, 2011

Jekyll & Hyde bag

Ha! I like this name. This bag had some sequins all over it which i promptly removed. The front of the bag:

The back is slightly different:

Hence, i decided to bring out the jekyll and hyde personality of this bag out a little more.

Using a couple of sequins and beads

The bag was bit too long, so i folded the handle at two places on each side. Then added these sequins on the front:

Next was the back. made a string of red beads and twisted it. Sewed it into place. Then added some flower shaped beads.

Mummy and me posing with the two 'personalities' :D


  1. haha... perfect name!
    Love both the sides... but a bit more in love with the front side...

    p.s you have an award waiting for you on my blog! Do vist and claim it :)

  2. @ all
    Thanks you ladies :)

    Hopping over to your blog right now :D

  3. wow, you have really made it a rockker bag!!